Automotive Locksmith Wellington

If you are having car lock problem or are worried about your lost home or car key, no need to worry any more. The Automotive Locksmith Wellington is a group of talented people who have won accolades from the people of Wellington and around for the wonderful service they are providing in terms of locksmith services. Their biggest plus point is that they are available at any hour of the day and have their own vehicle to travel quickly with their equipment to help you out of trouble.

The best Locksmith Wellington

Whatever may be the type of trouble you may be facing, we have an answer to all your problems. Our trained and qualified team has all the right and modern equipment to help you unlock your car if you have been locked out or pick the lock of your front door in case you lost your key to it. We can reach you in minutes when contacted upon and provide you with the best locksmith services. From extraction of broken key to installing ignition unlocking and repairing damaged car lock is our specialty. Clients are really surprised and happy at the rate of our work. We can even maintain car locks or change them for your safety.

Our services are called upon by home owners too. Sometimes we repair damage locks here but mostly our team installs better lock systems at home to make them safer. We install fence and door locks, alarms, buzzers, deadbolts and peepholes for clients and make them feel safer. If you are still worried we also install locks for patio and garage for better safety and protection. The quality of our service is the best and we see to it that our clients are happy too.

We even lend our services to commercial units who often complaint about trespassers and stolen materials. By installing alarms, surveillance and access control system we make their premises security tight. No trespasser can go unnoticed through these security measures and we put locks in their safes and cabinets which are difficult to pry open by anyone but us. thus, in  this way we make their office premises safe and free of unwanted people. Everything remains safe and the owners can bask in our security services. We are affordable and efficient and see to it that each client gets what he wants. Thus, if you are concerned with your car, home or office security then do not forget to call us and get our specialized services.

What we do:

  • Emergency car/trunk lockout services
  • Door locks/ignition replacement services
  • Ignition and door lock repair services
  • Broken key extraction
  • Utility truck locks/mechanisms
  • Remote/key programming
  • Refurbish of broken remotes/key fobs
  • Transponder chip key production
  • ECU computer reflush programming services
  • Transponder keys cloning service

Here is the list of vehicles we perform keys for:

  • Acura,
  • Audi,
  • Buick,
  • BMW,
  • Cadillac,
  • Chevrolet,
  • Chrysler,
  • Dodge,
  • Ferrari,
  • Ford,
  • GM,
  • GMC,
  • Honda,
  • Hyundai,
  • Infiniti,
  • Jaguar,
  • Jeep,
  • KIA,
  • Lamborghini,
  • Lexus,
  • Lincoln,
  • Mazda,
  • Mercury,
  • Mitsubishi,
  • Nissan,
  • Oldsmobile,
  • Saab,
  • Saturn,
  • Scion,
  • Subaru,
  • Toyota,
  • VW – Volkswagen And much more.

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